BOV Sprays

Maeva USA offers a wide variety of packaging options to suit every customer’s needs.

Maeva combines the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, a staple in the Mediterranean diet, with the comfort and cleanliness of this innovative product. A new concept, where the oil is contained in an individual packet that conserves the characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil. When the diffusor is pressed, the air compresses a bag that holds the oil in the can, allowing the oil to leave the can perfectly pulverized. Daily use of aerosol oil helps minimize the consumption of fat by rationing out the contents. Spray the aerosol oil on your salad, toast, and all of your dishes and stews. Also, spray it on your grill, frying pan, griddle or barbeque from about 20 cm away, before cooking your vegetables, meat or fish.

Available packaging: BOV Spray – 6.7 fl. oz