The search for products of better quality has led us to look for the recognition of external authorized companies at international level.


Maeva’s plant in Spain is certified by


ISOISO 14001:2004. It certifies the environmental management model.



BRCBRC Food. Certificate of food security.



IFSIFS. Certificate of food security.



KosherKosher. Certificate for foods that are prepared according to kashrut, the dietary regulations of Judaism.



SOHISCERTSOHISCERT. Certificate of organic food “100% Organic” NOP (205.301a).



Maeva’s plant in Mexico is certified by


sqfSQF. In the process of renewing certification.




The close control from the entrance of the product in our installations to its exit is registered in our computer system. We can know, at every moment all along the supply chain, the location, where the product or batch of products comes from and where it goes.

Maeva works based on a vertical integration: from the fields to production, selection, and bottling. Basically, “from the tree to the table”.