The benefits of Olive Oil

the benefits of olive oil


Olive oil is a basic element in the Mediterranean diet. It brings life to our meals with that flavor, texture and special aroma. Originating from vegetables, it is extracted directly from the olive (fruit from olive trees).

Moderate consumption of this product has enormous benefits for our health since it is an extraordinary source of antioxidants. The advantages that this excellent seasoning has for our physical well-being are detailed below.

Health benefits of olive oil.

• Prevent and fight cancer
Without a doubt, cancer is one of the most dangerous illnesses currently in our society. Olive oil helps to prevent and treat this fateful disease thanks to its monounsaturated fats that have an anti-carcinogen effect.
This monounsaturated fat, known as oleic acid, is in 80% of the composition of olive oil. Studies have shown that this can reduce the effect of a gene that makes cells carcinogenic.

• Reduce and help control blood pressure.
Normal blood pressure should be around 120/80. If you have problems maintaining these numbers, don’t worry. Olive oil will help you with this allowing you to reduce your daily medication. This is possible thanks to the oil’s vitamins and antioxidants.

• Reduce your cholesterol level in your arteries
Another huge problem is cholesterol that clogs the arteries causing severe damage to our health. Luckily, we have the benefits of olive oil to combat this.


Since the fat comes from a vegetable, it stimulates the appearance of good cholesterol (HDL), decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) and other lipids that we have in our bloodstream, such as harmful triglycerides.

This is not all. It also reduces inflammation preventing cardiovascular diseases and the formation of blood clots among other things, according to recent research. It is uncommon for a person who consumes olive oil (along with living a healthy life) to have these maladies.

• Acts against inflammation and pain
Extra virgin olive oil possesses a natural substance that blocks inflammation and pain. If you have sports injuries or constant migraines, adding olive oil to your meals would be a great solution.

• Weight loss
One of the most commonly claimed benefits of olive oil is how it helps with weight loss. Due to its full flavor, we use a much smaller amount to flavor our meals.



The benefits of olive oil

For heath, there are many, including helping diabetics maintain their glucose levels, among other advantages. The ones listed above are only some. To find out more about olive oil’s fantastic contributions to our health, keep visiting the daily posts on this blog. In the next articles, we will discuss Olive Oil’s Curative Properties, Olive Oil Uses, and Olive Oil’s Cosmetic Properties.

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