Manufacturing Capabilities

Maeva has strong manufacturing capabilities.

Our Plant in Spain

Olive reception capacity: 1,500 Tm/24 h
Grinding capacity: 1,000 Tm/24 h
Filtering capacity: 500 Tm/24 h
Olive Oil warehouse: 12,000 Tm
Bottling area: 2,925 m2
Auxiliary materials area: 975 m2
Automated warehouse: Capacity for 2,640 pallets
2 spray bottling lines. Each with a capacity of approximately 1,200 cans per hour.



Our Plant in Mexico

Glass production capability: 23,000,000 bottles per year
PET production capability: 9,000,000 bottles per year
Aerosol production capability: 12,500,000 bottles per year
Spray production capability: 13,500,000 bottles per year
Olive Oil warehouse: 170,000 L
5 bottling lines